Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Ep 6 Changes Everything!

So in the manga for WataMote 2.0, it is chapter 22 when all of the main cast confess their love to Serinuma. In fact, they do it altogether so Senpai’s confession isn’t special. However, in the anime, this part has been skipped over or at least place differently chronologically. The anime’s first five episodes adapted chapters 1-12 of the manga, and in episode six it skips to chapters 23-24.

At the end of chapter 24, and thereby episode 6, Nishina says, “I love you, Senpai” to Serinuma. In the manga this is fine— she just said that two chapters ago anyway. This one is a little more special since it’s from just her, but it really isn’t that big of a deal.


But in the anime, chapter 22 has been skipped, meaning the rest of the cast has not yet confessed to Serinuma. Now, it’s only Nishina who has. This is relevant since the harem members made such a big deal already out of not letting the others beat them to their confession in the manga, but by the anime’s canon Nishina has already beaten them. Now, she doesn’t just have the advantage of first kiss. She has the advantage of first confession!


In the depressing deluge that was the resolution to the Madarame harem in Genshiken, Madarame points out how important it is that even though all these people are around him and seem to like him, Sue was the first and only one to confess. And guess what? She (sadly) won.

Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda is the second chance for Madarame’s harem for me, as I excitedly outlined previously. But for this one, Hato (Nishina) stands a fighting chance.

MadaHatoMadaHato NishiNumaNishiNuma MadaHato MadaHato NishiNumaNishinuma!!!


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