Things I’ve Seen Recently

I don’t have a lot to say about any of these shows in particular, but I thought I’d give an update on what I have been watching. I realized that I was being indecisive about picking up new shows and that was causing me to not watch anime as much, so I created a list of 20 shows I need to watch and I roll a D20 to pick one.

The first show I watched was Arakawa Under The Bridge, which is pretty great. It reminds me a lot of Bakemonogatari but it does not do many of the things I disliked about Bakemonogatari (harem / ecchi influences, generally feels too strongly male-oriented, whatever, discussion for another time) while also doing the cool visual stuff that I did like about Bakemonogatari. Also, the kappa is really funny. The distance between Nino and Rec romantically gives good reason why everything is drawn out, and I think it goes pretty extreme with its wacky characters without feeling implausible. It’s hard to believe that a character would act like Nino does in high school and yet still get good grades and whatever, but it is not hard to believe that a character would act like Nino does while living under a bridge. I get the impression from what I have seen of Shaft’s works that they love doing oddball characters. Overall, fun watch, marathoned it in one evening, will watch the second season in the future.

I also watched the Shounen-ai movie Doukyuusei, or Classmates, which was fun but not my favorite thing ever. In terms of shounen-ai it feels average, though I am a fan of the character designs. The conflicts come off as kind of scripted, but they also are generally fun to watch, even if they aren’t the most original. The lemon soda motif is fun though and represents the realistic high school setting, which is something I don’t see very often. My biggest qualm is that the story ended a bit short of where I feel like it should— I haven’t read the manga yet, but I’d have liked it more if I saw them moving to Kyoto together. Also, the seasonal divisions make it really clear what the time progression is and you can probably draw a bit of depth out of they don’t fall in love in spring, etc. Oh, and have I said this show is really beautiful? Overall, more interesting shounen-ai and yaoi stories out there, but in the realm of anime (which yaoi is just beginning to spread into) Doukyuusei has done a pretty good job.

Most recently I watched the first four episodes of Oniisama E… which is basically the epitome of melodramatic bogus. You definitely have to be in the mood to see a shy character become the victim of a whole bunch of bullying and bad things happening in her life. Most of the melodrama is so inane though that I find myself generally disinterested, but I am curious as to how the yuri, drug, incest, and suicide elements which I heard this show contain all play out. As of the moment I plan to watch to episode 13 of the 39 total episodes, and if it hasn’t picked up my interest beyond what it has so far I probably will not finish it. Very much feels like traditional shoujo drama, done worse than a lot of contemporary shows (Ao Haru Ride is the first that springs to mind).

Oh, and as for things currently airing this season, I have dropped All Out! because god damn the dialogue and plot and character interactions are so stiff and I only picked it up in the first place because of man butt, and I am putting Flip Flappers on hold because even though it’s really gorgeous to look at and kind of great sound design, not really feeling in the mood for it. You can guess how I feel about Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda, I like Yuri!! On Ice, new season of Haikyuu is a blast, and that’s about it!



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