Watashi Ga Motete: Madarame’s Harem

Click. I got it. I figured it out.

By the way, I wrote a general review (largely repeating what I’ve said here) on WataMote 2.0: https://myanimelist.net/reviews.php?id=233309

I understand why I’m so invested in Nishina winning the harem lottery. I got it half way, but not the other half. I got that she was basically Hato, but I didn’t get the harem. Serinuma and Madarame are the same too. Not just Hato and Nishina. Swap the genders and look at things:

Madarame, male, has four in love with him, three girls and one crossdressing guy. In the end, it’s between one girl and the crossdresser. The girl won, which made me sad because it wasn’t an LGBT ending and also wasn’t a BL ending, -2 points.

Serinuma, female, has five in love with her, four guys and one girl who has crossdressed on multiple occasions. In the end, it’s probably going to be between Nishina and Igarashi, and Igarashi’s gonna win. That’ll make me sad because it won’t be LGBT and it will remove the possibility for Igarashi as a BL character, -2 points.

But there is a hope, a tiny speck of hope… And that hope is that Junko’s yaoi mangaka background has convinced her to end it with Nishina! I’m putting all my hopes on her! If she can make up for the loss of Hato by taking Serinuma for herself, then all will be right in the world once more.

And if not… we’ll see what happens when I lose as much weight as Serinuma, but without gaining any weight first.


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