Tenshi Souzou Sunawachi Hikari

Duel 04; Utena vs Juri; “Amour”

In English, the title of this song is Angelic Creation, Namely, Light. And yes, the song is largely referencing light. The first most evident contrast is Child of the Morning, Lucifer, and Child of the Darkness, androgynous. What could be androgynous? Let’s go to the third stanza to find out: “Shining with light, the spherical body of Gynous. / Born from all miracles, Gynous” Gynous is a kind of esoteric way of saying women (-gynous is an ending to words used to indicate the presence of female organs). Therefore, replace ‘gynous’ with ‘woman’ or ‘women.’ Shining with light, the spherical body of woman. A spherical body implies pregnancy, and the following line’s reference to birth supports this. And here’s where it gets good: shining with light is pregnancy, to give birth to miracles. If Lucifer, light, ‘bringer of miracles,’ is the opposite to androgynous, what could androgynous be?

Skipping to the forth stanza, various forms of duality are presented: both sexes, both poles, two of me…. The word ‘androgynous’ itself implies a duality: one’s appearance or actions are both masculine and feminine. Juri is clearly the one opposed to miracles, but how is she androgynous? Of anyone, Miki is far more androgynous in appearance. I’d suspect this is because Juri is a lesbian, so while her physical appearance is clearly feminine, her gender role is a lot more muddled. She is a woman meaning — by the logic of Akio and folks — she had ought to be the object of desire. However, by being a lesbian and therefore seeing other women as objects of desire, she shifts from an ‘object’ to a ‘subject.’ From one side, Juri is exactly as a man would be: desiring the Rose Bride for her selfishness, and seeing women as objects of her attraction. From the other side, Juri herself is a woman who, while not in this episode, may be the object of others’ desires. This duality — man and woman, north and south, left and right, up and down, angel and devil — is androgynous.


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