How to ‘Get’ Action!

So recently, YouTuber and I guess it’s accurate to say just plain ‘creator’ Digibro released an album titled, “Bedroom Bedrock.” Every track is, to me, distinct and often deal with different social/personal issues. And they all are very, very, Digi. Rotten and Bedroom Bedrock both speak to his lifestyle, White Nigga focuses on why it’s okay for a white person to like or do rap, and (I’m)mortal is a forlorn reminiscence of dealing with mortality.

But the real standout track is “Get Action!” for me. Simply put, Get Action! is a message to all those high school and college students who laze about playing video games, shopping online, and generally doing nothing. It is saying that if you have an idea, you had better do it. If you’re just going to accuse him of getting to where he is because of luck, you’re an idiot. He worked to get where he is, and he doesn’t respect anybody who doesn’t have his talent. If you want him to consider you, then you have to Get Action and do something.

Now, lemme tell you that I don’t listen to rap. Big surprise, huh? No? Eh whatever. But this track in particular really gets me. I can listen to (I’m)mortal any day, but even though it’s rap, it’s calm enough that I don’t mind it. But Get Action! is intense, it’s fast, and it is very rap. So why would I be so interested in such music?

Simply put, it’s accessible. I follow everything Digibro does, so of course I know about most of the ideas he puts into the album. But the raw emotion, the anger at those who sit inactively, telling you that getting him to look at you isn’t a question of being nice… It is persuasive, and perfectly suited to being rapped. The anger that fuels the most ‘rap’ sounding rap is applied well here. I can’t stand anger because you broke up with your girlfriend or most other things. But knowing Digi, hearing him yell into my ear that I need to do something, that’s applying the anger well.

Now obviously half of the rap is also Endless Jess, and I can confidently say his lyrics Get Action! better. “What the hell is writer’s block? I’ve never had it. Sounds like an excuse for you hacks who can’t hack it,” gets me revved up every time. Well, that and “Put your fuckin’ life on the line, ’cause if you don’t the starving artist’s gonna eat you alive.” They’re simple, straightforward, and there’s no problem understanding what they mean. Since I tend to write creatively, the former is the one that really pushes me into Action! Next time I’m not writing my story because “I’m not in the mood,” there’s no excuse. if I want to write, then I should be writing all the time. Not when I’m in the mood. Not whenever I get a good idea. I should be writing constantly. That’s what it takes to get good. I have a whole year ahead of me with a low academic workload. Oughtn’t I be doing something with that time? Most adults would kill for a year where they can work for 20 hours a week and spend the rest of the time honing their skills. I need to Get Action! about this year ahead of me! I’ve gotta do something!

Now, it’s not like the message of Get Action! is particularly unusual. Heck, one of my English instructor keeps a sign on her door saying, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” (In case you’re reading this, that’s not a knock against you, simply pointing out I don’t feel as motivated because of it) It’s the same message, what makes Get Action!, a creation in a medium I’m not even interested in, so much more impactful?

Simply put, emotion. When you tell me the former, I don’t care. It’s flat, bland, and any emotion is more just that quintessential schoolish “Hey hey hey, you should totally do this thing!!” But when you angrily scream in my ear that the reason you aren’t a starving artist is because you got good? When you tell me that I’ve gotta have something good to get your respect? When you tell me that I don’t deserve the food on my plate unless I’m making something worth it? That’s going to get me excited. The sheer emotion that is squeezed into the song bursts out in condensed form every time I listen to it. I’m not exposed to anger much. My dad’s calm. My mother’s calm. All my friends are quiet bookworms or calm dancers. I don’t hear anger much. So when you yell at me and are angry at me for not doing something more, I’m going to listen.


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