Grandness of an Idea

Hello, my content is inspired by Digibro if you couldn’t tell. Obviously I’m not making the same things he does, but I became interested in analysis of essentially the media I consume because of him. One of the dilemmas I have run across in doing this has been I have an idea, but it may be too small to make a full post about. Digi is great at having an idea and then expanding upon it for several minutes, but for me, I may only have a couple sentences to say about something and then I am done. It’s interesting, particularly since in a recent video of Digi’s he commented on how he could potentially make a video for every thought he had. I had kind of assumed a minimum mass was necessary to make a blog post, but you know what, if people are interested in watching the smallest idea of his, then I’m sure anyone who cares about my content would be interested in the smallest idea of mine.


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