Paleozoic Within the Flesh

Duel 02; Utena vs Saionji; “Choix”

Cambrian. Ordovician. Silurian. Devonian. Carboniferous. Permian.


Stromatolite, Lycopodium, Selaginella, Trilobites.


Okay, so in less excited terms, the first list (Cambrian…Permian) are all parts of the Paleozoic Era, which precedes the Mesozoic Era (Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, which are also listed in the song). The second list are all critters or plants from the Paleozoic Era. Ammonite is the creature whose perspective it is in the second half of the song. “Rose of the sea. Lily of the sea. Apple of the sea. Bud of the sea.” “Paleozoic Within the Flesh.”
So what we know about this song is that it’s talking about ancient creatures and times, all of which are extinct.

Get the hint now? Extinction is the theme of this? Hmm… How does that relate to this battle?

Well, from my perspective this is then about Saionji. He had the Rose Bride for a time, but now, to her he is extinct. She belongs to Utena now. This whole battle is Saionji trying to deny the fact that she doesn’t actually have feelings for him. But ultimately, he is extinct.

Phew! That one was a lot simpler.

Hint: There is more, but I’ll talk about that in Miki’s duel song…


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