Red Conquest as a MOBA

I think the core game mechanics of Red Conquest could be really interesting for a new MOBA game. Here’s why:

So the first thing that would come to your attention is that everything that isn’t a planet moves. Let’s make this a two-hero per team map, but three people per team. That third person could be the controller. You have two people using a hero with an ability set, and a third person who is directing where to position turrets within their side of the map to keep certain positions more secure. Also, aside from the map corners there are no hard barriers in Red Conquest. What if there were two lanes and asteroid fields in between and the controller had to position the turrets to watch for an opposing hero sneaking through? I’m imagining something like Foosball where you have a few lines that the turrets can be at and the controller would position the turrets along said lines. Maybe when your team takes an inhibitor, the controller can decide what super creeps are spawned? Maybe the controller can opt to skip a creep wave and devote money from that creep wave to repairing a turret?

All of these are just potential ideas. I think the core mechanics that set Red Conquest apart from other RTS would make an adaptation of it as a MOBA really interesting. I can come up with a billion other features this Green Siege or whatever you’ll call it would have. Anyway, short follow-up post to Red Conquest in general since while the idea of having all units in motion is not unique to this game, that combined with its other features give it a special niche in the RTS world.


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