Red Conquest – A Slice of my Childhood

Hello everyone! I was never much of a mobile app gamer, but there was a single game that I really did enjoy and play for hours: Red Conquest. This is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that is really awesome and I’d have loved to see a computer version of. It is set up like Starcraft or any other RTS where you start with just a base or maybe a base and a few troops and have to build your army and conquer your opponents.

Some of the features that make this game stand out include the fact that there are no squares. Like, seriously, everything you make just floats around in space. This means that everything you build is a unit, even if it exists to produce other units. Also, different races have different supply caps and production capabilities, meaning that the Zergiest race has extra incentive to win early and the Protossiest race has extra incentive to take its time. Since it was made as a mobile app, the supply caps are pretty low and the games are very short compared to most other RTS games. The tech tree is simplified mostly to the point that you can create one or two units and have all other options available.

So aside from game play I think it’s still a pretty great game.  The graphics are unconventional and make you really feel like you’re in space. Most of the units are transparent. Hey, in fact, the first time I used Photoshop was making my own fan ship (hehe, not the usual kind of ship I make) that I could imagine being in the game. The cut scenes, while pretty simple and with little animation, are pretty interesting too. Everything has a geometrical and abstract look in the game, which I consider a huge pro since I’m a massive fan of abstract art.

Oh! And don’t get me started on the music. Even the less gripping songs are WAY better than any other app’s music I have heard, and there are a couple tracks in particular that I can easily say are my favorite game songs comparable to anything from Undertale or Ib.

So bottom line, this game is old and there aren’t any new updates (to my knowledge) that have been made in a while aside from making it compatible with the new iOS. Regardless, for a couple dollars this game is definitely worth your money if you like RTS games as a genre and would consider buying an RTS as a mobile app. I’ve never seen anybody on the multiplayer mode to play with, but there is a multiplayer mode out there if you and some friends want to organize something.

Even if you’re not really into RTS games I would still say get it, since it costs next to nothing and is so well-made for a completely indie mobile app.


P.S. I did some snooping around to see if I could buy the soundtrack. From everywhere I looked it has not been released, but I’ll give y’all a hint and say that on Mac, while your iPhone / iPad is plugged in, go to the Apps and right click on Red Conquest. One of the options that will pop up is “Show in Finder.” If you open the file for the app with archive utility, you should be able to see the files within the app. There’s a little more to go from there, but I’m sure you can figure it out after that. 😉

P.P.S. The most updated blog for the developers of this game is


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