Genshiken has made me Depressed

Young and innocent me has created a demon of depression with my experience of Genshiken. For about six months prior to the big reveal of who Madarame picks, I was hyping myself up for the decision day so strongly. I absolutely NEEDED to know. Well, I absolutely NEEDED him to pick Hato. And I was disappointed. This brought me to tears. I was legitimately depressed for a couple of weeks. But then I started to get better. I could move on. Now I’d be able to witness even more Hato, right?

Well, wrong so it seems. Now nobody is doing a full translation of Genshiken that I could find and I’m not going to satisfy myself with a simple synopsis. I am prevented from being able to truly move on. Instead I must fall behind and hope and pray for the day to come that the next translation comes. I’m thrown into darkness. I staked my hopes and dreams on this one thing and it has been stolen from me, never to return.



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