Why K-On! Falls Flat P2

I was rummaging through the four-chans and the read-its and I found that Hyouka was a show on lots of people’s favorites list. Now, I saw this show a while ago and was absolutely bored and I rewatched an episode recently to recall why. The visuals and music in the show is phenomenal. I love it. It’s beautiful, the character designs are slick and stylized. It’s fantastic. Same as most of the KyoAni shows. But I’ve become aware that it’s hard to enjoy shows centered on character relations and how they change over time since I’ve already seen the shows that to me champion that in Genshiken and Hourou Musuko. If you’re looking for purely how a person causes another person to change, then look no further than Kuragehime. I’ve had my need for character development fulfilled in fullness. Hyouka and K-On! just don’t feel as real and the character feel less three-dimensional in comparison.

Does this mean everyone else would find Kuragehime and Hourou Musuko and Genshiken better than Hyouka or K-On? Maybe??? I honestly don’t understand why Kuragehime and Genshiken aren’t super popular. Hourou Musuko I can get since it can be a bit sappy and it’s paced so slowly. But honestly, Genshiken and Kuragehime and some of the funniest but also most interesting things I’ve ever seen. Character development? Check. Good jokes that a broad audience can enjoy? Check-ish. I guess a lot of people won’t pick up on some of the references. Good pacing? Check. Interesting morals? Check. Enjoyable to binge watch? Check. Enjoyable to savor and watch over a long period of time? Probably check.

Is it the age of the characters? Is it because the characters aren’t traditionally beautiful but more just realistic in appearance? Do people hate Hato that much but also not like the original part of Genshiken because it’s a sausage fest? Is it the fact that both shows question gender and societal norms? What don’t you love about it? What makes K-On! better?


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