Josei Anime

A lot of the anime I watch are Seinen and Josei shows despite Josei being the smallest genre of anime produced. If I watch a show, I want my characters to seem real. Not necessarily realistic since I think many arguments can be made against the realism of characters of Kuragehime, but just generally real. This often means the characters have pretty severe flaws and aren’t always super happy people.

The thing that breaks me on nearly any Shounen action show (that doesn’t have appealing character art… *ahem*) is that the characters are so similar and seemingly just cliché and I simply can’t appreciate the differences in characters a lot of the time. There are of course exceptions, since I love Durarara!! for much more than the shippability of the characters. I can appreciate the becoming-the-most-powerful story once or twice, so I liked that aspect of Kill la Kill and Kuroko no Basuke, but that diminishes over time if I watch Naruto or Dragonball or whatever. If I want the fantasy setting of a lot of those stories, I’d rather have something more interesting like Log Horizon, Natsume’s Book of Friends, or the manga Basara. If I want a long-form story in general, I’d read a long-running manga like, again, Basara.

Short post, but that’s just how I feel.


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