It’ll be fun to read this post retrospectively when we all know the answer already, but OH MY GOD MADARAME PICK HATO. I have established myself strongly in the Hato camp for multitudinous reasons. I mean, if you’re going to spend the reboot of the Genshiken series focusing around a single character who I already think is pretty likable on his own of course I’m going to vote for him.

But, let’s establish something else: All fujoshis and fudanshis in the room, who would sincerely love to see Hato x Mada, all joking in the series aside? Like I know us actually witnessing that will never occur in the canon, but if you make Madarame and Hato a canon couple then my life will be so much better.

Madarame makes a decision.png

March 25. So far from now, yet so near! And when that day has come and passed and the scanlation has come out, think of the joy or disappointment we’ll feel. Think. I know many of you Genshiken fans out there are strongly in favor of Sue and that Keiko and Angela have their own camps too, which means that Kio has absolutely set us up to be disappointed. If his explicit plan is to disappoint us then, what’s the likelihood that Madarame’s ultimate answer will be that 2D is better than 3D?

I’ve heard great analyses of how Genshiken works and that this is the final step for Madarame to spiritually leave Genshiken and go into the real world. That’s the formula that we’ve established for the most part. But we also know that Kio can be pretty subversive and do what we least expect. We kind of expect Madarame to cop out with the 2D answer, but at the same time after all this hype we really don’t.

Come on Madarame, please don’t pick 2D. I want my Hato x Mada.

Well future people who read this after Chapter 122 comes out, can you understand my feelings still? Can you comprehend the frustration? The eager awaiting and simultaneous worry…. Look, I’ve been terribly unmotivated recently. I’m so done with life. Kio, if you want to disappoint me do it now. It’ll be fine. Pick Sue. Pick Angela. Pick Keiko. Pick 2D. I’m ready for it.

Let’s be honest I’d still be pretty happy with Sue and Rame after C-Cute??.png


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