League of Legends would make a great sports anime?????

No it wouldn’t. Let’s be honest, it’d end up being an A-1 pictures show that turns out to just be Sword Art Online 2.0. But in the incredibly tiny chance that it was done by a good studio and presented like Haikyu!! or Kuroko No Basket, maybe it wouldn’t be absolutely awful???

Okay, so let me forewarn you, reader, that I don’t watch League of Legends as an ‘Esport’ much, nor have I seen too many sports anime. For the sports anime that I have seen, I was not watching entirely for the sports aspect of it to put it subtly.

Anyway, so, League of Legends. The people that play this game as a profession put in massive time and effort to even be considered for a team, so time could be spent on the protagonist soloing it and trying to climb the ranks and be considered for a pro. Once you get to the pro level, it requires a pretty strenuous training schedule and people usually play for hours on end, so the “I’ve been training for so long” part would be easy to do.

Also, it’s something that most people get into late in middle school or in high school, so it’s naturally set up well for the high-schooler age that seems to be common for these anime. That said, since it isn’t limited to a certain age range in most teams it could also stand out by having players at a college age playing with players at a high school age.

It’s a team-based game, and there are VERY distinct roles for each player. I get the impression that in shows like Haikyu!! and Kuroko no Basket that the roles that a person fills for the team is a bit exaggerated, but this comes from a perspective of someone who has never watched either of these sports in real life so I have no ability to compare. Anyway, in League of Legends it’d be pretty easy to say, “Hey, this person is the support” and incorporate that into their personality.

I’m sorry all those who love sports anime for the sports, but the fujoshi in me must come out. Though in League there aren’t men’s and women’s teams strictly, almost all the people who play it professionally are male. Also, in a lot of cases the teams live together. This means we have 5-20 males living in proximity with one another for months on end. Let’s just consider the potential here.

Even though it isn’t a physical sport, I think there’s still potential for the “protagonist-has-special-ability-that-nobody-else-can-do.” Say one of the people has the best reaction time ever. Or one character is really good at keeping their cool, so while the rest of the team is flustered and worried, they can exude their calming spirit. Maybe one character is really good at predicting the enemy’s next moves? Since it’s a strategy game, being able to anticipate the opponent is pretty important. Anyway, I don’t think the lack of physical action will be hindering.

ALL THIS SAID, There are two pretty big flaws that I found (aside from the fact that there’s pretty much no way that this would get presented in the way I’m looking for):

First, it’s owned by a company. This means that you couldn’t *just* make an anime about it directly without getting the rights from Riot.

Second, the characters won’t be seen in action. Sure, it’s fine with the personalities complimenting each other and etcetera, but since the characters will be playing a different character in the game, there will be a disproportionately low amount of on-screen time that the characters will have compared to any sports anime. This is the really concerning part, because it is kind of an elephant in the room but at the same time if there was some believable way around this it’d be kind of awesome.


Ahg! What do we do about this. Wait! What if, we:

First, didn’t make it actually League of Legends please because that’d probably be awful anyway.

Second, made it so when a character picks their role and whatever, they are transported into the game itself as that role with certain abilities.

Oh god… I’m just digging this hole of mine deeper and deeper. I started this post off clarifying that it’d be awful if done like Sword Art Online, and now I’m making it like Sword Art Online. I really don’t want this to be presented like a shitty Shounen Action show like the one just mentioned. The key is that it needs to have a Haikyuu!!-like plot and characters and stuff.

Well, I give up. This idea is terrible. League of Legends would make the worst anime ever period end of story no question about it. I have terrible taste for even considering this thing. I need to just be content with Prince of Stride: Alternative.