More Genshiken Nidaime!!

There’s no particular protagonist in the cast for Genshiken nor Genshiken Nidaime,but the closest people would be Sasahara for the original and Hato for Nidaime. For the original, the series began when Sasahara joined and ended when he left and for the new one, Hato is the first-year cast member who has received the most attention.

55 chapters took place over four years in Genshiken, but in Nidaime at the time of writing this there have been 63 chapters released in less than one year. I’m guessing that Chapter 118 is somewhere around February, so by maybe Chapter 130 the first year of Genshiken Nidaime will be over. That would make it 75 chapters for one year, and if Kio Shimoku decides to do all four years of Hato’s college life, then we would probably be in for quite a while longer.

11 chapters were spent on the first year of Sasahara’s time at college, and it almost certainly won’t be another 225 chapters of Genshiken Nidaime for the series to finish, so it’s not like an even amount of time is spent on each year. That said, I think that if Kio wants to continue the series for that full four in-series years we could probably expect it to continue for a while.

Just thought I’d mention it since I couldn’t find anybody else that had and I was thinking about the amount of time spent in the series. So since it’ll be a new school year soon, what kind of new people do you want to see join Genshiken? Kuchiki is the only one graduating if Ohno is staying another year which it seems like she is, so there really won’t be any guys left in Genshiken (unless you count Hato, but he’s a fujoshi anyway).

Not that anybody really should be interested in my opinion, but I think it’s actually kind of awkward where the cast is at now. Since most of the same people will be at Genshiken, we basically have five yaoi-people and while they all have their own niches, it may be a good idea to introduce other types of Otaku into the series.

If Shimoku wants to stick with more girl members, then maybe someone interested in visual novels, reverse harems, or the same types of content that Sasahara and the older members were into. We’ll probably see Yoshitake’s little sister, so we have a Shotacon. I think it could be interesting to see a new guy introduced who’s obsessed with yuri or gender bender things, since either would have good opportunities for comedy to contrast the given cast members.

Personally, if nobody new joined I would be just fine. I love the fujoshi atmosphere that Genshiken has right now and I wouldn’t grow tired of it easily. But I know that a lot of other people probably will grow tired of another 20-80 chapters of what Nidaime has already been, and I don’t think Genshiken is the type of manga series to grow stagnant.

Of course, this is all speculative and only relevant for someone reading this between the time of writing this and like, six months from now. Given that my reader base is currently 0 and probably won’t increase ever, I guess none of it really matters. But I’m writing it for my own sake rather than to garner attention.

So, nonexistent reader, what do you want to see in the next year of Genshiken Nidaime? Would the cast feel too big if Shimoku added more than Yoshitake’s little sister? Should he add more guys back? Should he add… more fujoshis? What do you call a yuri fan? Fujoshi and fudanshi refer to just BL to the extent of my knowledge.

All the pictures that showed up on Google Images that I liked were all from the Anime today, even though I’m only talking about the manga really. Odd!

And by the way, when I say someone interested in gender bender things I mean probably a guy who does not crossdress but likes to see other people crossdress and etcetera. Just to clarify. ^_^ I really think the dynamic would be interesting between that kind of character and Hato or Yoshitake’s little sister if she shows up pretending to be a guy too, but the dynamic would also be interesting between theoretical yuri fan and the rest of Genshiken too. (Or you could have someone interested in both?)


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