To Start

I don’t know what this blog is or what I’m going to say. Maybe an Anime blog? Maybe things nobody cares about? Maybe (most likely) I’ll forget I ever made this blog and abandon it after one post?

Still, I’ve had a blog in some form since I was around five, and maintained either it or a journal or something for the majority of my life. I fancy myself a writer, though I have no context for the quality of it outside of a couple middle-school writing contests. I take an interest in fashion and dancing, but also programming and mathematics.

I want this blog to be like a conversation, I think. I want to write here things that I want to talk to people about rather than things I want to write about, if that makes sense.

At the moment, some of the things I like talking about most are Argentine tango, anime and manga, music (tango music), and sometimes gender and sexuality.

I’m young, currently at a point between high school and university, and generally I’m passionate about learning. I’m sure there are others out there who care more than I, but generally if there’s something I’m learning about in school, I try very hard to care about it. That’s probably why I enjoy talking about tango so much, since because I’m learning the dance, I’m also interested in everything else about it.

Regardless, let’s see what I post next.


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