Similarities between Himemiya & Asriel

Very much spoils Revolutionary Girl Utena and Undertale. You have been warned.

Himemiya, from the anime and manga Revolutionary Girl Utena (of which I’ve only seen the anime mind you), and Asriel (or rather Flowey), from Undertale, are characters who share quite a few similarities. Let’s make a list-y thing!

Both Himemiya and Asriel are royalty, though one a princess and the other a prince.

Both characters have a martyr moment under fairly similar circumstances? With Himemiya, in an attempt to save her brother’s life, she sacrifices herself to humanity. With Asriel, in an attempt to save Chara’s life, he sacrifices himself to the humans.


Each end up being hated by the rest of the world (or at least the human world), demonized respectively, and actually turn out in their reincarnated or whatever form to be super twisted from the experience.

At the end, both characters end up returning to being “good” from their previous state of being kind of “evil” after the protagonist saves them with a selfless act that would have (or did) result in their death.


I think this character arc is kind of awesome, and thinking about it both have a protagonist who doesn’t obey strict gender norms, though this only really plays a role in Revolution Girl Utena. Anyway, not a super long or in-depth post. Just kind of occurred to me in the sleepless night (I have a terrible headcold at the time of writing this).


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