Genshiken: Hato x Madarame

Okay, I know I’m not, but I feel alone in my preference of Hato x Rame. Madarame for most of the original Genshiken series would have almost certainly gone for Sue of the four harem members present. After he finally came to terms with his feelings for Saki, though, he definitely changed as a character.

It’s true that Madarame is probably just about the best person for Sue to be with since none of the other characters can “get” Sue to the extent that he does. Similarly, Sue would seem like the best choice for Madarame given his general interests: Hato’s mainly interested in BL,  Keiko just isn’t interested in any anime or manga, and Angela, having very limited knowledge of Japanese, wouldn’t be able to talk to Madarame about really anything.

Genshiken Die

But I, being true to my fujoshi nature, can’t agree with that ship. It would be interesting, at least initially, to see the interaction between Sue and Madarame as a couple and their dynamic, but I think it would wear out quickly. Madarame and Hato, on the other hand, has much more potential as to where they can take it.

First, even if Rame was the one to pin down Hato, I think it’s still up for grabs as to who the uke and seme would be, which could be explored as they continue (though I’m guessing you can tell which I prefer going by the title).

Second, it’s more true to the current cast to have the male characters most prominent in the series right now be together. And despite everything in the past, it’d be the first potentially long term gay romance. Building off this, if Rame did choose Sue, then Hato would probably end up with Yajima, which would further destroy hope for any homosexual relationships. I love the dynamic between Hato & Yajima as characters, but I think that their dynamic works better as friends than as lovers (though I’ll admit it is interesting in Spotted Flowers). Just in general I’m so much more interested in relationships that aren’t hetero, since they’re at least about one-twentieth as frequent.

Third, I think that their differences in interests would actually make things more interesting. They’re both interested in the world of modern visual culture and I think it’d be interesting to see Hato take an interest in Gundam or anything else Rame cares about, and it’d be equally interesting to see Rame attempt to get into BL, especially to *study* for real life.

Madarame x Hato

Fourth, I think Hato would be better company for Rame. Though the two have their sets of antics which embarrass them in the presence of one another often, which I always am amused by, Hato would be the most calming of the harem members for Rame to be with. In some ways, Hato’s more level-headed than any of the other harem members and, most importantly, Hato’s the only one Rame feels comfortable talking to. Though that embarrassment is something that would dissipate over time with the other members, when Rame isn’t focused on being attracted to Hato he feels relaxed. Hato’s willing to listen to Rame and offer actual life advice, and I think that the girls are all a bit too high-strung for Rame to truly relax around.

Madarame Cooking

All of this said, I would not be against with Rame choosing Sue initially. Exploring their relationship, for a time, would be interesting and I would want to see the dynamic between Hato & Rame after that. This said, I’d worry less about Rame not changing his mind and more about Hato ending up with Yajima before Rame can reconsider his decision. I totally ignore Angela and Keiko simply because I think we’ve all agreed at this point that neither of them are going to happen in the main story.

Despite everything that Hato said in 110 about how Rame should choose a girl, I think that the two would be happiest with one another than with anyone else. Even if Rame may be the best choice for Sue or Hato the best for Yajima or Kon, what matters most is that the two in the relationship are happiest with one another.

Best to set the bar low in the first real post by poorly analyzing something way more complex than I can effectively explain.


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